Carly Jo's Beauty Shop - Company Message
Hi my name is Carly Jo, a previous graduate from Police Foundations my career path took a spin after discovering I was pregnant unexpectedly with my oldest daughter Angel'lina, i immediately decided the life of a cop was not for our small family and made the decision to  go back to school for Advanced Medical Aesthetics at Gina's.  After dipping my feet in the Beauty Industry, working for spas and cosmetic stores I became unsure if working as an aesthetician was for me. I became turned off by not only never being recognized for my accomplishments or heard by our superiors for what women really needed and wanted., I became conflicted with following my newfound passion or working a regular 9-5.
Six years later i was pregnant with my youngest child Giavanna, and really needed to re-evaluate my life and what i was going to do to provide financially for my family of three. I had began a new education at McMaster for addictions counselling and at the end of the course i had been reflecting on my life and asked myself why am i not pursuing my dreams?  Instead I was listening to other people who believed working a 9-5 in a safe secure job was the way to be successful in life and have security in some ways i believe that too, but i decided not trying and not following my heart would leave me miserable and unhappy in a life i didn't want for myself. Right then I decided I needed to work for myself, follow my passion, do what i love and follow my intuition  
Now working in the Beauty Industry., i felt the satisfaction i had been longing for, while helping transform the way people feel about themselves on the outside by only a mere reflection of the beautiful inside they already had.  After thoroughly researching and completing my business plan, I continued to educate myself so I could offer Eyelash Extensions and Nail Enhancements the proper way to ensure my clients wouldn't leave with damaged nail beds, and no natural eyelashes left. Tired of settling in the services i was receiving and bad habits i was learning from tired, unprofessional and lazy owners who missed the whole point of being in the beauty industry in the first place it was time to teach women and even men how they too don't have to settle in their appearance by going for cheaper services which in the long run will affect their health and the look of their skin and nails.  
Dedicated to perfection, I chose quality over quantity using the highest quality products because they give the best results.  I am Not here to compete with cheap services "that will do" in the meantime that you can find on every corner.  I am here to provide the service you are paying for correctly each and every time.  You will not be treated like a number, you will have my full attention and my loyalty to our private conversations.  I only provide fume free nails, acrylic is currently not be offered. My 
biggest goal is customer satisfaction and women feeling better about who they are without having to worry about permanent alterations to their natural beauty.

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