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Misencil Eyelash Extension Applications 

 The Method
 Have longer and thicker eyelashes permanently! Our product is safe for your natural lashes. Misencil® eyelashes are supple, comfortable,
and water resistant. Our method answers every woman’s need to look and feel good in a healthy way.It’s no secret that a woman’s eyes have long been the ultimate weapon of seduction. Longer lashes add depth and intensity to your eyes enhancing their natural expression. There are many ways to  extend eyelashes but unfortunately, many of them are disappointing. They are soft, natural looking, natural feeling comfortable and water proof.  These eyelash extensions are pre-curved and are directly applied one by one onto your natural eyelashes, using a special adhesive exclusively designed for lash extensions. They will stay in place during all your natural eyelash’s lifespan.  Like nothing you’ve seen before Stunning eyes without mascara Voluptuous and seductive eyelashes.
 The Cost 
 Discovery Lash Set
*Please Allow 30 minutes 
 Star Lash Set
*Please Allow 1.5 hrs
 VIP Lash Set
*Please Allow 2.5-3.5 hrs
*Please Allow 30 minutes to 1.5 hours
 Skin Jewelery
 Ordered upon request
 Swarovski Skin Diamonds
 One for    $5
 Three for $10
 Lash and Brow Growth Serum
 Beauty Specialty Offers
*Purchase the VIP Set and receive your brows and lip waxed at no charge while your a continuous lash client.
*Purchase the VIP Set and receive your first Re-
 Lash for free, must be used within 10 days from 
 first set.
 Care and Maintenance 
 You will receive a take home pamphlet but here are a few tips to properly care for your lashes which are a necessary need to know for proper maintenance.
 Cleansing your Eyes
*First, remove the eyeshadows by applying a small amount of eye makeup remover on a cotton designed for makeup removal (if you don't wear extensions). If do wear eyelash extensions, it is 
recommended to use only your fingers so that the filaments of cotton do not get stuck or damage the extensions. For this step, use the Misencil natural cleanser or pure gel. Wait a few seconds and 
remove by going from top to bottom.
*To remove the mascara and eye pencil, use your fingers (usually the index or middle finger) and slide along the curve of the eye and the following the curve of the lashes, from the inside to the outer 
corner of the eye. 
*Repeat the operation several times, returning to the starting point each time, at the base of the lashes. If your client does not have any extensions yet, you can either use another cotton cleanser or a cotton swab soaked in makeup remover. The important thing is to execute the motion that respects the curve of the lashes.
 Using your Lash Heater 
*Warm up the lash heater for about 30 seconds 
*Place the comb at the base of the eyelashes of the upper lid and  gently lift the lashes to smooth them 
*Leave the lash heater in place at the center of the lashes for 10 
   seconds before removing it 
*Repeat until the desired effect.

 Beauty Tips and Precautions 
*Do not rub the lashes left and right, to prevent tearing out healthy lashes
*Avoid rubbing with too much enthusiasm, otherwise the skin and the eyes will be irritated
*Do not remove makeup with petroleum jelly, baby oil, tonic, regular soap or a shower gel. These products are not designed for the sensitive eye area and can cause blurred vision or skin irritation, give you puffy eyes, etc.
*Remember to turn off the lash heater after each use, simply by putting the cap back in its position 
*Remember to regularly  replace the battery (AAA alkaline only). 
*The action of the lash heater will dramatically increase If combined with the application of the Misencil revitalizer or mascara.
 *The eye is a very sensitive area since the skin around it is very thin. It is therefore essential to properly cleanse and remove makeup the 
proper way, very gently in order to protect our eyes. More importantly beware that removing makeup the wrong way can make lashes fall prematurely (and therefore, the eyelash  
extensions as well!). 
*It is important to properly hydrate the eye area by applying an eye cream (such as the Premier Regard eye contour gel for Lash wearers or for non lash users Re9  Anti aging eye cream by 
Arbonne) because this thin skin quickly becomes dehydrated and therefore wrinkles more easily .
*The long lasting protector also acts like a hair spray  for your eyelashes making sure everything stays in place the whole day.
 Some questions you might want to ask us...
 What happens during an eyelash extensions application ? 
 When performed by a Misencil® technician, this procedure is safe, painless, and relaxing. 
 You will be asked to lie down and close your eyes. First, the technician will put Coenzyme 
 Q10 anti-wrinkle patches to protect, smooth and brighten up the eye contour. Then, she will 
 apply the extensions directly on your natural lashes without touching the epidermis. Your 
 look will be radiant and glamorous.

 What is the duration of a procedure, and how long will my Misencil® 
 extensions last? 
 Two hours is required for a full application, and the results are immediate and spectacular.
 You will enjoy longer and thicker eyelashes at last! Take note however that your natural 
 lashes have a mean lifespan of 60 days as new lashes are always coming out. That’s why 
 touch-ups are recommended every 4 weeks on average to maintain the fullness of your 
 eyelashes. A touch-up procedure lasts about 30 minutes and is meant to replace the natural
 lashes you have lost.

 Will the application be harmful to my natural lashes? Extensions are applied on 
 eyelashes one by one--without touching the skin--with a glue developed in laboratory 
 exclusively for eyelash extensions. This new technique is not harmful to natural eyelashes.

 I once had extensions using another method, but my eyelashes were clumpy and
 did not last. Why? 

 There are 4 possible reasons for that:

  • Quality of Training :  For the best results, training is crucial. After their training, our students become certified only after submitting photographs of their work for review. They also receive training in areas like sanitation and security, and put their knowledge into practice on live models.

  • Quality of Glue: Water resistant, our glue features quick polymerizing and adhesive qualities. This type of glue is commonly used by health professionals to reconnect tissues as an alternative to sutures. It is also used for ophthalmic surgical procedures. Our glue was exclusively developed for eyelash extensions application.

  • Quality of Eyelashes Misencil® eyelashes are applied one by one and stay in place perfectly. Lash sections are too heavy and fall out easily. Each Misencil® eyelash extension is coated with a microtexture for better adhesion. In fact, our exclusive ELIPSE eyelashes are pre-curved and follow perfectly the natural shape of your lashes for a fresh, radiant look.

  • Quality of Products:  Misencil® is the only brand to offer a comprehensive line of cosmetic products that are exclusively developed for the care and maintenance of eyelash extensions. To optimize the lifespan of your permanent eyelashes, daily care is essential.

 Misencil® speaks of ‘permanent’ lashes, whereas other brands offer ‘semi-
 permanent’ lashes. What is the difference between the two? 
 Just like your hair, eyelashes grow and fall out. In fact, we loose between 10 and 15 lashes 
 every month. The term ‘semi-permanent’ refers to eyelash extensions that fall out before 
 natural lashes do so. On the other hand, if the eyelash extension stays perfectly in place 
 during the entire lifespan of the natural lash (60 days on average), ‘permanent’ is the 
 appropriate word to use.

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